Three basic types of processed coco coir

There are three basic types of processed coco coir. They are: coco pith, fiber and chips. Using a mixture of the different types has its benefits.

  1. Coco pith, or then again peat, appears to be like peat and greenery. However it is rich, earthy and has a colored tone. The thickness of this item implies to hold water very well, Thus you might not have any desire to utilize just coco peat, since it could overwhelm the foundations of your plants.
  2. Coco fibers are tacky packs that permit oxygen to handily infiltrate a plant’s root framework. Without help from anyone else, the fiber isn’t exceptionally retentive and will separate over the long haul, which diminishes how much air gets to the underlying foundations of your plants. Notwithstanding, it is strong enough for reuse.
  3. Coco chips are little pieces of coir that join the best properties of the peat and fiber. Coco chips hold water well, yet additionally take into consideration air pockets, as well.

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